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The 4 Wildest Hairdos of Fashion Week

When most people think beauty, the word “pretty” tends to come to mind, but for designers, the B-word has a very different connotation. They’ve smeared oil on eyelids, doused locks in gold paint, and coated cheekbones with charcoal in hopes of enhancing the aesthetic of their collections. Though editors have never been fazed, fall 2014 has even the most seasoned of beauty veterans scratching their heads.


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That moment you realize you’ve gotten too caught up in the current episode of Scandal to notice your once-sopping strands have dried awkwardly in the towel—just add gel.


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Being able to make eye contact with whoever you speak to has never really been that integral to daily life. If you can see whether or not you’re approaching a set of stairs, you can rock this.


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Emporio Armani

At some point in our lives, we’ve all considered chopping off all of our locks and starting over (typically after a particularly bad breakup leaves us in tears). Alas, a vision of what it would look like if we had, no regret necessary.


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By the time you read this, model Chloe Nørgaard will have dyed her hair. Again. What color(s) will she choose next?


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