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Vanessa Hudgens Does the Boho Thing at Coachella (Again)

Coachella kicked off April 12 to the delight of all the haute hippies, music festival enthusiasts, and secret celebrity flower children who ditch their beloved Chanel and opt for fringe, torn denim, and tye-dye just for the two-weekend event. Vanessa Hudgens, quite possibly the Coachella-iest of Coachella goers—the girl began shopping for the California music fest weeks in advance—was spotted as usual in all her bohemian glory. Here, her best (and worst) Coachella beauty looks over the years:


What works: Vanessa sports loose beachy waves framed by a floral crown, exuding a casual Coachella cool. (Leave the red-rose headband at home if you like her look but aren’t really about the hippie lifestyle.) Tons of mascara, defined brows, and taupe eyeshadow draw attention straight to her large doe-like eyes. Matching tawny nails complete the look.

What doesn’t: It appears that Vanessa has glued multi-colored gemstones…to her face. Both sides of her face. This recent beauty phenomenon is acceptable only on the runway, though many don the look at music festivals, where most people aren’t coherent enough to think that the concept of glitter on the face is absurd.

What works: Vanessa’s glistening pink pout. Here, she plays up her pucker by choosing a natural-looking lip shade that hydrates lips and locks in moisture, lending her lips a smooth sheen.

What doesn’t: Brown paint streaks decorate her cheeks. Coupled with a feather headdress, Vanessa looks as if Peter Pan‘s Tiger Lily styled her. Native Americans are not going to appreciate the homage.


What works: Tightly-curled tendrils frame Vanessa’s face. She tops off this voluminous hairstyle with another crown of flowers, which highlights the shade of her berry-stained lips. The darker color stands out against her skin tone, lending the actress a healthy glow.

What doesn’t: Vanessa dons an excess of Henna tattoos. Spiral designs lead down her legs, and cover her hands and feet, resulting in a crowded, dizzying effect. She should have stuck to a smaller, and perhaps less apparent region of her body.

Oh yes, Vanessa got her nails done especially for Coachella. Check these guys out:



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