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3 Beauty Do’s (And Not To Do’s), As Taught by the Cast of Girls

Hannah Horvath, the voice of our generation, doesn’t care about going to the gym, or that she’s about ten pounds overweight. Nor is she concerned with clothes, despite her rather chic comrades. She hardly wears makeup, and can’t be bothered to style her hair because she’s busy finding herself. And as Hannah and her castmates on HBO’s Girls learn what it means to be twentysomethings in New York City now, we learn what to do—and not to do—when it comes to bad hair days and other beauty conundrums. (Thank God for reruns.)

1. Leave the hair cutting to experienced professionals. Seriously, unless you’ve perfected your skills by practicing dozens of times on a mannequin who doesn’t mind the abuse, put the scissors down. Cutting hair requires a bit more than just self-confidence. So unless you want to look like you let your six-year-old sister take scissors to your strands, resist the urge to cut your own hair. Because, as Hannah proved in the finale episode, most people cannot successfully recreate Carey Mulligan’s cropped ‘do on their own.

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2. Don’t be afraid to pin your hair back in a bun, especially if you’re having a horrible hair day. A bun done right radiates class and glamour, while limp, oily locks hint at your laziness and/or failure to shower—even if you have naturally bouncy, Kate Middleton-esque hair like Marnie. After Marnie lands her new job, she attempts to let loose a bit with her hair, but instead looks like she’s in desperate need of a hairbrush. Find yourself in Marnie’s position, with no brush in sight? Pull it back. Done.

Image courtesy of TheCut.

Image courtesy of TheCut.

3. Treat yourself to a mini-makeover every once in a while. Remember those days that Charlie looked like a prepubescent teenage boy? Somewhere along the way, he grew a beard and grew up. His newfound scruffiness amps up his sex appeal threefold, and all he did was style his hair differently and grow a little facial hair. Details do make all the difference. Switch up the side of your part, or start wearing red lipstick for a brand new you.

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