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How to not be boring with your nails, even if you can’t do all that fancy nail art stuff

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No more nail art…please. It’s been what feels like years, and women have yet to grow weary of their obsession with ombre-tinted tips, DaVinci-like coats of polish, and jewel-embellished nail beds. Few are actually able to achieve the look on their own—celebs, beauty bloggers, and eager teenage girls alike turn to experienced nail artists to transform their plain fingernails into works of art. But when will the madness end, so we can return to the happy days of plain pastel polishes?

If you haven’t been blessed with the ability to paint ice cream cones onto your pinkie nail with a toothpick, don’t fret. You can still add a little pizazz to your nails with these easy DIY manis—nail art for the lazy, at its best.

Add some sparkle. Glittery nail lacquers add glamour to lackluster nails, taking them from dull to dazzling seconds after the polish dries. Try Deborah Lippmann’s Happy Birthday nail polish, a multi-colored glitter nail polish, for a flirty, confetti-strewn look. The polish itself is a party in a bottle—imagine what it will do for your nails.

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Stick it. If you’d rather avoid wet lacquers altogether, you can still get envy-inducing nails with the help of press-on nail stickers. The application process of these stickers cuts the amount of time you spend doing your nails almost in half. All you have to do is peel and press. Kiss Nail Dress Strips in Garter combines the sass of animal print with the glitz of rhinestones, giving your nails an instant upgrade.

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Get neon with it. The ’80s is making a comeback, and not just in clothes. You don’t have to sport a bright orange cropped tee to hang with the crowd. Opt for a subtler approach to neon by adding a shocking pop of color to nails with a neon polish. Revlon Nail Art Neon packs two polishes in one applicator, providing a white base coat that makes the neon color stand out even more. Choose from 10 different shades.

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