The Skinny on Kate Upton

Kate Upton, the part-time actress, runway regular, and full-time blonde bombshell, was once again crowned cover girl of Sports Illustrated’s annual swimsuit issue, joining the likes of Heidi Klum, Elle McPherson, and Tyra Banks as glossy magazine cover go-to’s. All hail Queen Kate.

The international supermodel, who has graced the pages of Cosmopolitan, Italian Vogue, French Elle, GQ, and Esquire, challenged the Size 0 industry standard with her curvy hips and full breasts. Yet some are still hesitant to embrace her fuller figure.

“I posted all of her pictures from SI on my Facebook and there were the people who said, ‘Oh she’s porky, she’s fat,'” says Upton’s personal trainer David Kirsch, in an article on “She’s got a little extra meat.”

Upton, who burst onto the fashion scene with a YouTube video of her doing the Dougie, is far from the rail-thin runway model that designers typically choose to feature in shows. You can see for yourself—the girl’s got curves reminiscent of a 50s pinup, but she is far from “fat.”

In recent years, the fashion industry has witnessed an influx of “realer,” fuller-figured models, a trend that catapulted into an epidemic. Israel, following the suit of Spain and Italy (who bar women whose body-mass index is below 18 and 18.5, respectively, from walking in fashion shows) mandated that models must have a BMI of more than 18.5 in order to appear in advertisements—a model who stands at 5 feet, 8 inches tall cannot weigh less than 119 pounds.

Upton works hard for the body she has, alternating interval and cardio training with traditional lunges and squats, Kirsch says. When she hits the gym, her goal isn’t to get skinny. “I got great boobs…they’re not going anywhere,” Upton says. No one would want them to, anyway.


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