Blondetourage: Leigh Lezark ditches her dark locks

David X Prutting/

David X Prutting/

Leigh Lezark, glam goth DJ turned model muse, crossed over from the dark side, trading her signature black tresses for an uncharacteristically blonde new hairdo. She debuted the softer, sweeter hairstyle at Shopbop’s Standard Hotel party on Tuesday, hosted by Nicola Formichetti in celebration of the release of his new Muglerette graffiti bag.

Parted to the side, Lezark’s blunt haircut just grazes her shoulders, a sharp contrast to her formerly long locks. But it’s the bold new color that demands the eye’s attention. Blonde and fresh faced, Lezark appears demure, innocent even, though her eyes still have the same daring glint.

It makes one wonder—by simply switching up your hair color, can you change the way others perceive you? Is that pesky little saying “blondes have more fun” really true? According to an article on, blonde females with profiles on get “significantly more attention” from male users. Blondes received an average of 14 messages a month, while redheads averaged 11, and brunettes only received nine. Though the data may look dismal to brunettes, they could easily sway the results. All brunettes need are plastic gloves, a blonde bleaching kit from CVS, and a dash of confidence.

Lezark is not the first celebrity to hop on the blonde wagon—she follows in the footsteps of Rachel McAdams, Emma Stone, Beyonce, and Rihanna, who, tired of their dark brown ‘dos, have all opted for a golden-hued hair color. Flaunting their flirty new hair shade, these ladies appear a little more at ease in the limelight, their smiles slightly wider.

Whether the blonde color lent her a healthy dose of confidence or not, Lezark’s new look is here to stay. Perhaps it will earn itself a Nickname with a capitalized N, following in the footsteps of Karlie Kloss’s phenomenon of a haircut, the Chop. Only time will tell.


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