The Nail File: Get Katy Perry’s DIY Nails

If Katy Perry weren’t a Grammy-award-winning singer, one would expect to find her in a tiny nail salon in Santa Barbara. Not getting her nails done of course, but filing away at a customer’s stubborn cuticles. The girl can’t help it—she really likes to do nails.

“I’ve done my boyfriend’s nails,” Katy admits in an article on “I’ve even done my cat’s nails.”

With celebrities like Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and Anne Hathaway rocking the latest trends on and off the red carpet, it’s easy to get swept up in the nail art craze. But you don’t have to schedule an appointment at a swanky salon to score the same finger bling. All the tools you need to add a little pizzazz to your nails lay on a shelf at the nearest craft store. Get your glue gun ready.

Before a DIY manicure, buffer and file all of your nails, and apply a sheer base coat so that you have a clean, clear canvas. After the first coat dries, apply the desired shade to each nail. Embellishments will adhere easily to evenly-coated nails.

You want: Diamond-encrusted cuticles

You’ll need: 1 packet of tiny acrylic rhinestones, Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft

Purchase a packet filled with a variety of different-sized rhinestones—the diamonds won’t look as crowded on your fingertips if you switch up their sizes. Lay out the design before gluing to avoid mistakes. Stick with one nail for a subtle shimmer, or do all five for full-on dazzle.

Once you’ve settled on a design, release tiny nail-glue droplets onto the nail-bed. Using tweezers, place the rhinestones onto the glue. Let dry, then let shine.

You want: Trinket-topped tips

You’ll need: 1 packet assorted floral embellishments, Michael’s

Choose an embellishment that suits your style, whether it’s tarnished studs or tiny pink roses. Release nail-glue droplets onto the nail, then press firmly on each embellishment until it dries. The 3D effect will make nails pop.

You want: Animal-friendly fingernails

You’ll need: 1 sticker packet of the creatures of your choice, A.C. Moore

For a fresh take on leopard-print nails, choose a sticker pack of leopards. Release nail glue onto the back of the sticker, and press onto the nail. Paint with top coat, then let dry.


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