This is 40

You watch with glazed eyes as the second hand on the clock glides over the thick, black number seven for the fifth time in a row. Only a few hours remain until you can finally rest your head on a fluffy white pillow, and call it a night. You snag the compact mirror from your purse, in hopes of distracting yourself from that stupid, ticking clock.

Yet instead of being soothed by the sight of your own face, you are horrified. Gray bags frame the tired eyes that stare back. You look twenty years older than your age.

There are three things in life that are impossible to avoid: death, taxes, and Wednesday afternoons. A new study conducted by the cosmetic brand, St. Tropez, suggests that women look at least ten years older every Wednesday at exactly 3:30 p.m.

Many factors, such as stress, hormones, and diet, can affect the way we look, says dermatologist Francesca Fusco, MD in an article on All of these factors peak midweek—energy levels are at an all time low, while stress levels skyrocket, and the effects of a particularly wild weekend begin to settle in, the study suggests.

The visible effects of alcohol can take up to 72 hours post-partying to appear on the face, explains Nichola Joss, a St. Tropez skin expert. The body must work harder to process the sugars and toxins in alcohol, Joss says.

Avoid looking like your great-grandmother on Wednesday afternoons by taking these precautionary beauty measures:

Cut Back. Give your liver a rest on the weekends. A casual drink or two won’t do any harm, but pounding shots in a dingy bar isn’t going to make you look any younger.

Rest up. Lack of sleep adds unwanted years to the face. Hit the sheets at the same time each night, and aim to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep per night. This will give your skin cells a chance to rejuvenate.

Exfoliate. Skipping a face wash leaves skin looking both dry and dull. Remove dead skin cells from your face with a gentle cleanser or scrub for a youthful glow.


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